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(Seventh Oldest University of the Indian Subcontinent.)

M.Sc. Environmental Science & Management, Patna University

RTI -- Postal Enquiry

Bihar Right To Information Rules 2006 implemented in Patna University.
Appellate Authority Prof. Sudeepta Adhikari
Vice Chancellor, Patna University, Patna
PIN - 800005
Ph.No 0612-2670352 (O), 2660219, 2660225 (R)
Public Information Officer Dr. Manoj Kumar
Registrar, Patna University, Patna
PIN 800005
Ph.No. 0612-2670531 (O), 2670664 (R)

Sl.No Details of Information Sought Amount of Fees
1. Application fee for providing Information Rs.10/-(Ten) per Application
2. Other Information / Records:
(a) Information on
(i) A4, A3 size paper
(ii) Bigger size paper

Rs.2/- (Two) per page Actual cost incurred on photo copying on such bigger paper

  (b) Sample, Model, Photograph Actual cost incurred

Note:- The procedure as prescribed by the concerned department to prepare the sample or model shall be followed.

  (c) Perusal of Records

No fee for the first hour;Rs 5/- (five) per hour and its part there after.

Note:-Wherever such system or procedure already exists, the current rate of fee for the perusal of records shall continue, and the rate above mentioned shall not apply.

  (d) Information in Floppy /C.D. wherever possible

Rs.50/- (fifty) per Floppy or C.D.

3. The Appellate Authority shall charge Rs 50/- (Fifty) for each appeal application.