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(Seventh Oldest University of the Indian Subcontinent.)

M.Sc. Environmental Science & Management, Patna University

Administrative Set up

M.Sc. Environmental Science & Management Course is presently running on the ground floor of the Main Biology Block in the Department of Zoology, Patna University. It has well equipped laboratory for environmental Biology, Molecular Biology, Cytogenetics, Toxicology, Ecotoxicology, Fish Biology and Parasitology to conduct experiments based on course materials as well as research leading to Ph.D. degree. The department has a well maintained Central Instrumentation Room where sophisticated instruments are kept for various experiments.

An efficient set of teachers/scientists/resource persons drawn from various institutions/departments are available to impart teaching on specialized topics. In order to facilitate smooth running of the course, Patna University has appointed a co-ordinator who is responsible for smooth conduct of the course. The administrative set-up of the Department is as follows:


Head of the Dept. & Course Director

Dr. D. K. Paul

Course Co-ordinator

Infrastructure Facility available with the Department

Well furnished Classrooms, Library and Laboratory facilities are available in the Department

Different laboratories in the depatment besides M.Sc. laboratories are:-

  1. Environmental Biology Lab.
  2. Molecular Biology Lab.
  3. Cytogenetics Lab.
  4. Fish Research Lab.
  5. Toxicology Lab.
  6. Parasitology Lab.

Important Equipments available in the Department

Binocular microscope with attachment camera and TV for display
Trinocular Research Microscope
BOD incubators
COD Digestion apparatus
Hot air oven
Bacteriological Incubator
Laminar flow hood
Digital Spectrophotometer
UV-vis Spectrophotometer
Atomic absorption Spectrophotometer
Cooling Centrifuge
Micro Centrifuge
Flourescence Microscope
Electrophoresis unit [vertical, horizontal, column]
Digital Electronic Balance
Digital pH meter
Flame photometer
Depth finder [Sonar]
ELISA reader
High volume Air Sampler
Gas liquid chromatogram
Global Positioning System Receiver
Double distillation plant [Glass]

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